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Bright Star

I almost wish we were butterflies, and lived but three summer days.

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bright star

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness...

Welcome to Bright Star! This is a stamping community for the movie Bright Star. Here you will find out which of the characters you are most like.

- Join the community to post or vote.
- Any member can vote. You don't have to have been stamped.
- Please bold your vote. You can vote for two characters if you're unsure but no more.
- You will be stamped when you've gotten at least five votes for one character.
- You can reapply for a different stamp a month after you've gotten your first stamp.
- If you want to apply, the link to the application is below. Please follow all the directions.
- If you want to affiliate, ask at this post here.
- You can promote communities as long as they're somewhat related to Bright Star or discuss the movie once you're a stamped member.

The Characters:
Fanny Brawne                         The bright, witty, and romantic heroine of this movie.
John Keats                             The sensitive, talented, and intensely loving poet.
Charles Armitage Brown           The rough, prickly, sardonic, and outspoken friend and follow poet of John.
Mrs. Brawne                            Fanny's kindhearted, understanding mother.
Margaret "Toots" Brawne           The sweet, whimsical, and candid little sister of Fanny.
Samuel Brawne                       Fanny's quiet, steady younger brother.
Maria Dilke                             The Brawnes' practical, concerned family friend.
Tom Keats                             John's sensitive, loving, tragic younger brother.
Abigail O'Donaghue                 Brown's sharp and idiosyncratic maid.
Joseph Severn                       John's pragmatic, emotionally detached acquaintance.
John Reynolds                        John's kind, quirky literary friend.

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