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Bright Star
I almost wish we were butterflies, and lived but three summer days.
I Am a Bright Star 
21st-Sep-2009 11:05 pm

Facts About Yourself:

Your name: Lisa
Your age: 20
Your location: Seattle
Your astrological sign: Libra, dragon

Things About Yourself:

Do you think your star sign fits you?: Yes, I think so. I'm not as social as Libras are supposed to be, but I think I have the basic qualities of, like, being witty, cultured, etc. And I always want to be balanced, not get into conflicts, and so I'm very indecisive. I don't know much about dragons, I don't think I'm as fierce and majestic as they would be, but I am independent and *magical*, hehe.
Which gender character would you like to be stamped as?: I prefer female, but male is okay. Whatever fits me best.
Sum up your personality in a paragraph or five words, whichever's easier: I'm very smart, sarcastic, and sensitive. I'm pretty deep, I feel and think a lot, and go into details vastly. I'm independent and unconventional, I DON'T fall in with other people's opinions, thoughts, etc., and I'm not clingy. I can be pretty distant. I can also be intolerant; I'm very critical. I'm kind of a perfectionist in my tastes, word choice, etc. I'm pretty laid-back, but I'm also neurotic and stressed out because I'm so anxious and exacting (only for myself). I'm really shy, but kind of communicative/expressive at the same time. I have the potential to be charming, but wouldn't sacrifice anything of myself to be it.
5 positive attributes: intelligent, sensitive, creative, unconventional, idealistic
5 negative attributes: timid, fearful, cold, egocentric, arrogant
Hobbies/talents/interests?: reading, writing, arts, fashion, alternative culture, eccentric personalities and events, the past, etc.
What do/would you most like to do?: I really like looking up things about something I've just discovered and am fascinated by, and getting into it. I like doing stuff with my boyfriend. I like running through the grass with a carefree joyful feeling. I hate writing, but I also love it, and I do it a lot, I have to. I would love to visit all kinds of different places, and interesting places like the Winchester mansion. And do all those things I never got to do. I would love to play a musical instrument, be known for my writing, be able to make weird stuffed animals...
5 favorite movies: Solaris, Wings of Desire, Pandora's Box, Requiem for a Dream, Ghost World
5 favorite ROMANCE movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, (500) Days of Summer, Head-On, Lust, Caution, Bright Star
(5) favorite books: Mrs. Dalloway, The Great Gatsby, Heart of Darkness, Coraline, The Return of the Soldier
(5) bands/artists you like: Rasputina, The Dresden Dolls, Switchblade Symphony, Nine Inch Nails, The Birthday Massacre
What are your dreams/goals in life?: I want to be a writer. I want to open up more, be successful, do what I want. I want to live free and happy.
Your fears?: I'm afraid of not being understood or appreciated. I'm afraid of disappointing my parents. I'm also afraid of death, illness, pain, and madness. I have a spooky imagination, so I'm creeped out by monsters I imagine sometimes or horror movies.
If you were poetry, what kind would you be? (Romantic, a Shakespearean sonnet, confessional, etc. You can also link/list an example): Dark confessional. Like this: http://disposabledarling.com/blog/2009/09/18/poetry-corner-tulips/
What's a quote you like?: "One's real life is often the life that one does not lead." - Oscar Wilde
What's love about to you?: Love is the best thing in the world to me. I accept it in all its forms, as long as it's real. I mean, I'm not going to preach to people that their love is just lust or something if they would die for each other, you know? I just think it's a beautiful, complex, sometimes inexplicable thing. The excitement of romance is something I live for.
What would your ideal mate be like?: He'd be dark and brooding, I guess, LOL, but not totally. He would be a variegated person if that makes any sense. He'd have similar interests to me, be intelligent, original, deep, and romantic. I'm attracted to dynamic personalities, and people who seem kind of nonchalant but care a lot. And of course he'd have to be physically attractive to me.

Pick One or the Other:

DEAD LION vs. LIVE DOG: Live dog (probably). I've got some moral standards/integrity, though. Like, I don't think I'd be willing to actually kill someone just to save myself.
IMPULSIVE vs. STABLE: Somewhere in between. I can be impulsive, but I'm mostly a pretty steady person.
RESERVED vs. FRANK: Reserved (uncannily honest sometimes)
EMOTIONAL vs. CALM: Emotional
EXCITEMENT vs. COMFORT: I hate to say it, but I think comfort is probably more important to my well-being/sanity. I value excitement more, though, I hate stagnation. It's important to live passionately.
HOMEY vs. CULTURED: Cultured
NAIVE vs. CYNICAL: Cynical
SPIRITUAL vs. SENSUAL: Spiritual more than sensual, but definitely both.

About the Movie:

What do you like about Bright Star?: It's so different, and smart, and sincere. I felt like all the characters were real people, and I felt for them. It was very romantic.
Who is your favorite character?: Fanny or John. Maybe John more. He's just so intelligent, sensitive, romantic, and beautiful.
Your least favorite?: It might be Fanny's brother, just because he's barely a presence in all the scenes, he doesn't really have a personality, but other than that, Brown. He seemed like he might be okay at first, just caustic, but I think he really is kind of mean, petty, and not that good a person. He abandoned Keats because he knew he was going to die, and what he did to Abigail was pretty disgusting. Not knocking her up, but the way he always talked to her, and wiped his hands on her apron! It was like this weird combination of superiority and sexual predation.
What's one of your favorite scenes?: When Keats was "teaching" Fanny about poetry, and said how poets have to feel through their senses.
A favorite quote (if you can remember it)?: "You taught me to love. Not just the rich. Not a thimbleful."

(Optional) Post one picture of yourself here: I've posted too many pictures of myself in stamping communities lately!
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